"Our  Infantry  Company"


                            Alpha, 2nd/60th is a unit of pride

                            standing tall and with strength of hide.


                             We Eagle-flight throughout the day

                              Defeating the enemy where they stay.


                              We battle by day and ambush by night

                               And never ever give up a fight.


                               The bullets pass, the mortars blow

                                But all we do is lay down low.


                                We fire back with all our power

                                 The enemy then meets her final hour.


                                  We've seen war's depth and all its horror

                                   But worse than that is life without honor.


                                   We still look up and pray to the lord

                                    Oh God, don't let us die by the sword.


                                    For some of us the wish comes true

                                    But then there are those other few.


                                    So to those back home, just one request

                                    Support your soldiers in their quest.


                                                  By Ssgt. Francisco J. Gaan

                                                   2nd Plt. Alpha Co. 2nd Bn. 60th Inf.